Nothing works in 17.09rc3 on login

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Re: Nothing works in 17.09rc3 on login

Post by asd » Thu Oct 19, 2017 10:14 am

Most often offer:
to check the hooks parameter in the file/etc/mkinitcpio.conf, but it is ok
to execute grub-update, but I did not find this item in menu
to update a kernel, but the system is updated through Pacli-Sysclean (1 Update System)

I already had a problem with loading on /dev/sda1, and it was solved transition to /dev/sda2, so I repeated solution - install from usb on /dev/sda5 kibojoe 17.04 today and updated to 17.09 rc3

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Re: Nothing works in 17.09rc3 on login

Post by Holmes » Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:42 am

hello @asd
and now it's okay?
working well?

vlw fwi, Holmes :)

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