Released the new version of JWM (2.3.7)

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Released the new version of JWM (2.3.7)

Post by Holmes » Sun Jul 23, 2017 10:25 pm

hi all,
Joe released the new version of JWM and soon we will be using it!

Changes in 2.3.7 (20170721)

• Made the modifier for dragging a window by clicking its contents configurable via the mask attribute of the MoveMode tag (issue #324).
• Added group options for setting initial window position and size (issues #79 and #348).
• Added the clicktitle and sloppytitle options for FocusModel, which cause windows to be raised only when the title or border of the window is clicked (issue #286).
• Fixed scaling of icons in the task bar (issue #328).
• Added the decorations attribute to TaskListStyle to allow setting different decorations on tray buttons and task list buttons (issue #330).
• Fixed a bug with the nextstacked key binding (issue #335).
• Improved support for 3-digit hexcode colors (issue #336).
• Better aerosnap support on multiple monitors (issue #342).
• Fixed a bug with multiple separators in menus (issue #343).
• Fixed a bug with blank trays when there are full screen windows (issue #356).
• Added the spacing attribute to Dock to allow adding space between icons in the dock (issue #357).
• Added support for dynamic root menus via the dynamic attribute of RootMenu (issue #221).
• Fixed an issue with 32-bit TrueColor visuals on some platforms.
• Fixed an issue with menus and multiple monitors (issue #384).
• It is (once again) possible to disable desktop switching by scrolling on the desktop using an empty root menu (issue #366).

more information in

vlw fwi, Holmes :)

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