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So what is Kibojoe Linux? Kibo is one of three volcanic cones of Killimanjaro, the highest mountain/stratovolcano in Africa (Tanzania). We adopted the name joe from Joe Wingbermuehle, the creator and maintainer of Joe's Window Manager (JWM), wrote a window manager and called it JWM to run on the X window system. So paying tribute to Manjaro Linux and Joe, combine the name unto one, hence Kibojoe. The logo represents the union of the Manjaro with the JWM: i) the volcano (green color) and ii) the letter j represents the interior of the volcano and the cloud over it (blue color). Kibojoe Linux is an re-spin easy, fast, elegant and powerful. It's efficient, stable, modern, reliable and user-friendly GNU/Linux operating system. Kibojoe Linux is configured and optimized for it easily perform routine computing needs and activities of our day-to-day. It's incorporates the Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS) philosophy, is rolling-release and compatible with all the the benefits of Manjaro Linux and ArchLinux. Created with "Manjaro-Tools" and always maintained collaboratively.

Highlights of Kibojoe Linux:

• The Calamares Installer very easy to use, intuitive and objective.
• Pacli-SysClean and JWMConf our mates to essential tasks.
• FLocate, KDUSM, IS, etc. other essential mates.
• An alluring and clean desktop for everyday.
• Full desktop control with shortcut keys.
• Be a hero with pacman and yaourt.
• Minimal, fast and elegant.
• JWM rocks for sure.

✓Stable version

Version: 17.09final (code 21217) Codename: MUG

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✓Testing version

Version: no information

kind regards, Maintenance Team